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Cleveland Museum of Art | Picturing Motherhood Now

Picturing Motherhood Now…brings together work by a diverse range of contemporary artists who represent motherhood and family space as social sites, ripe to be reimagined. Influenced by feminism of the last six decades, these artists propose that motherhood has a range of nuanced meanings. Through their work, they introduce a vast range of human experience into this canonical topic, reconfiguring its contours. For the artists in this show, motherhood does not lend itself to timeless tropes or allegories. Rather, it serves to address the present moment through which they – and we – are living, and the work becomes a reflection of our times. Presenting the exhibition in the context of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s encyclopedic collection offers a particular opportunity to frame this contemporary narrative within the historical one to which it responds – and from which it diverges.”

- Emily Liebert, pg. 10


Aicon artist Mequitta Ahuja's Portrait of Her Mother (2020) is featured in the Cleveland Museum of Art's exhibition Picturing Motherhood Now, on view October 16, 2021 - March 13, 2022. The accompanying book is now available from Yale University Press.