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Sheetal Gattani - Artists - Aicon Art 2024


Born 1968 in Mumbai, India.
Lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Having trained at the Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai, Gattani poured her methodical strategies into evocative watercolors before moving on to explore her idiom in other mediums. The artist maintains her studio in a bustling commercial pocket of Mumbai, and the resultant studio practice takes on the qualities of a kind of meditation and disassociation from self. In a metropolis with overwhelming visual and aural stimuli, the works offer a liminal space from which one might glean a fragile sense of empathy and solitude.

Like her works on paper, Gattani’s canvases are painted over and over in multiple layers. While the canvases fit neatly into the vocabulary of process-based abstraction, more than meets the eye in one’s experience of them. The subtle architectural conceits – achieved by pasting canvas to articulated board – and complete absence of gesture make the works feel enigmatic and almost inevitable.

Born in Mumbai in 1968, lives and works in Mumbai.