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Anil Revri - Artists - Aicon Art 2024


Born 1956 in New Delhi, India.
Lives and works in Washington, DC.

From the Washington Color School's abstract languages of serialized stripes, dots, and circles to the meditative aspects of Middle Eastern arts, Revri's works offer boundless theories about what truths can be expressed and discovered in the order of visual language. Noted art critic and historian Donald Kuspit states: "One of the things that makes Revri's abstractions unique — a major development in the history of abstraction — is that they articulate, with confident vision, the high order of abstraction — the exquisitely differentiated yet seamlessly unified structure — modern abstract art lacked from the start." Revri takes inspiration from Eastern philosophy, with each piece a meditation and representation of a single journey into the void. For the artist, this void holds the key to our deepest emotions — love, fear, and desire among them. The work merely serves as a platform to help the viewer transition between the conscious and unconscious states of mind.