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Natvar Bhavsar: Sublime Light, Works from 1975 to 1985 continues the story of the artist’s evolution launched in 2019 with the Aicon Art selection of paintings from 1967 to the early 1970s, the years in which the artist first became known to the New York art world. During that period, Bhavsar divided his canvases into rectilinear zones and filled them with glinting colors. One could see in these divisions faint echoes of the Cubism that influenced his early work or, just as plausibly, variations on the Minimalist geometry that shaped so much art in New York during the 1960s. Or, caught up in Bhavsar’s intricate play of chromatic energy, one could set aside questions of allusions to earlier art. From the time of his New York debut until the present, he has been a remarkably independent figure, in part because of his unique way of making a painting.