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To say the first few years working with Mequitta have been exciting would be a gross understatement. We have placed her works in museums around the world, and interest in her works has become, at times, overwhelming. We have faced many “good problems” together.

In Ma we have two large canvases that, at first sight, resemble Matisse cut outs such as those in the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence, but Mequitta’s works quickly diverge from the decorative as their difficult emotional register comes into focus. Created using a different process than her earlier works, they are uniquely bold, elegant and daring. What connects her bodies of works, is the self-portrait. Like Rembrandt or Freud, they are not necessarily flattering but always authentic, truthful and poignant. There are numerous self-portraits in this exhibition, both on canvas and drafting film.

In the run up to the exhibition, I asked Mequitta about her style changes throughout her career. She said it was the luxury of not being a particularly successful artist–she was not pigeonholed into a specific style. This struck me as an honest and pure answer. Now, with the success and spotlight firmly on Mequitta and her artistic practice, she will have the challenge of continuing to surprise and delight her admirers. I feel lucky to be in her orbit, secure in knowing that I will not be disappointed!

- Harry Hutchison, Director, Aicon