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The Voice | Take Part in 'Zero to Infinity'

NOW’S YOUR chance to say you’ve had work featured at the Tate Modern, yep, you!

Rasheed Araeen is inviting you to come and take part in an endlessly changing sculpture this summer.

‘Zero to Infinity’ is a stackable sculpture of 400 colourful cubes which you can title, build and balance any way you like.

Araeen’s endlessly changing sculpture has already transformed Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, but now you are invited to take part.

It all started as 400 cubes set out in a square and is now an ever-changing structure.

Creating a more interactive energy, instead of looking at the sculpture, Araeen is encouraging art lovers to take it apart and make something new.

You don’t often get the chance to visit a museum and touch, move, shift or stack anything, making a date with the cubes, exploring ideas of symmetry, shape, and geometry, a fairly unique opportunity.

Araeen, 88, is a Pakistani-born artist and pioneering figure in British minimalist sculpture, who faced marginalisation as a non-European artist.

In response, his work evolved to include a powerful political content, shedding light on the invisibility of Black artists within Eurocentric culture.

His efforts as a writer, publisher, and curator played a pivotal role in establishing a Black voice in the British arts, highlighting neglected African and Asian artists and challenging their lack of recognition within the establishment.

His significant contributions have solidified his place as an influential artist, particularly in advocating for the visibility and representation of Black artists in the art world.