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Tate Modern | Uniqlo Tate Play | Rasheed Araeen, Zero to Infinity

This summer, our Turbine Hall will be transformed by Rasheed Araeen’s groundbreaking artwork Zero to Infinity and you are invited to come and play.

In Zero to Infinity, Rasheed Araeen invites you to break the symmetrical arrangement of 400 latticed cubes by touching, moving and reconfiguring the structure. Rather than create a static encounter between sculpture and visitor that is primarily visual, Araeen initiates a kinetic relationship between artwork and audience. You are an intrinsic part of the work and its perpetual transformation towards infinity and through its many configurations, there will always be a new way to play.

Alongside Zero to Infinity, you can explore your own creativity and learn more about Rasheed Araeen. Books and resources will be available on the Turbine Hall Bridge, Level 1 for all to enjoy.