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Splendor and Magnificence | The Art of Natvar Bhavsar

Essay Introduction (full essay available through link below)

Everyone feels privileged when enjoying a painting by Natvar Bhavsar. Any presentation of Bhavsar’s works is a special experience. Writing cannot equal the appeal of his artistic accomplishment. One should merely sigh: please, just look….

Very good texts exist on the works and life of Bhavsar.4 Therefore, the intention of this essay is to look from a bird’s eye perspective to identify the how and why of the unique splendor and magnificence of Bhavsar’s paintings. Bhavsar is a great painter, but also a thinker and knows what he does. He has mentioned there is something biological about the enjoyment of color, how he understands his painting to be like dancing and that he noticed his works appeal to persons with a large variety of backgrounds. He intends his works to offer something substantially upbeat and positive for others to build on.

I discuss two main subjects that ground this extraordinary appeal and I offer reasons why across cultures and across peoples Bhavsar’s work has a comfortable familiarity. For this we need to see that the foundation of all cultures is fluid and interwoven. First, I dig into history and include intriguing side-paths into philosophy and psychology, while also exploring the uncanny comparison of Bhavsar with Schopenhauer, and with Cézanne. Then I focus on particular biological components decisive for the appeal of Bhavsar’s paintings.