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ArtNet News | In Pictures: See the Colorful, Cheeky Outdoor Art of the 10th Annual Frieze Sculpture

In London, a momentous change is underway following the death of Queen Elizabeth II—but there is some stability in the ever-faithful art fair calendar. That’s right, Frieze Week is upon us.

And that also means that Frieze Sculpture has opened its tenth edition in the Regent’s Park. Curated by Yorkshire Park Director Clare Lilley, the show features 19 international artists including Ugo Rondinone, Beverly Pepper, Jordy Kerwick, Alicja Kwade, and Robert Indiana.

“Each year I set out to make a show that serves one of the world’s leading art fairs, as well as those who might never before have considered looking at sculpture,” Lilley said in a statement reflecting on the last decade curating Frieze Sculpture. “No two Frieze Sculptures are the same but all are a paean to sculpture in the open air.”

The event was meant to coincide with two others: Sculpture in the City, an annual display of works placed throughout the City of London; and the Fourth Plinth unveiling in Trafalgar Square. Due to the death of the Queen, the Fourth Plinth event was postponed until further notice.