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Arte Fuse Review | In the Remains

November 26, 2013

‘AF Recommends Saad Qureshi at Aicon Gallery’

By Oscar Laluyan

There is a growing trend and the winds seem to be rising in the east, well, Middle East. A cadre of young and fresh talent from the Crescent Moon and Star have begun emerging into making bold marks in the world of contemporary art. On a recent day stroll around the Bowery area, I came upon this gallery on Great Jones and from the interiors, the works of London based artist Saad Qureshi called out to me like a melodious call to prayer from a minaret. In the Remains is the latest show of Saad Qureshi at Aicon Gallery, which has been in the neighborhood for six years and they champion young gun talents, where a variety of works showcased the breadth and variety of this featured artist. Starting with his own memory that Qureshi builds his amalgamated version of traditional tales presented in mythical landscapes and structures that marry seamlessly Islamic and Christian imagery. I found the works arresting and richly layered with not only memory of a culture but brimming with fresh possibilities. I suggest you come and see the work of this young artist at one of the secret jewel of a neighborhood in this city. It is like discovering an exotic gem with the facet of a thousand suns but you’ll never veer your eyes off it. Be enchanted like I did and you’ll be far richer for it. However, if you miss it – you can always Google or research about this up and coming artist.