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Victor Ekpuk - Artists - Aicon Art 2024


Born 1964 in Nigeria.
Lives and works in Washington, DC.

Nigerian-American artist Victor Ekpuk takes the ancient Nigerian script Nsibidi as a starting point for his own abstract visual language. He considers drawing a fundamental aspect of his art practice, which also includes painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, installation, and public art projects. His art began as an exploration of traditional graphics and writing systems in Nigeria and has evolved to embrace a broader spectrum of meaning rooted in African and global contemporary art discourses. Guided by the aesthetic philosophy Nsibidi, where sign systems are used to convey ideas, Ekpuk re-imagines graphic symbols from diverse cultures to form a personal style of mark-making that lives in the interstices of art and writing. According to the artist, “The subject matter of [his] work deals with the human condition explained through themes that are both universal and specific: family, gender, politics, culture, and identity."