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Palo Alto I Fall Exhibition 2019

November 21 – 24, 2019

Manjit Bawa Untitled
Jagdish Swaminathan Untitled (Bird, Tree, Mountain)
M.F. Husain Untitled (Maya)
M.F. Husain Untitled (Horse)
S.H. Raza Shanti Bindu
S.H. Raza Germination
Akbar Padamsee  Untitled Cityscape 
Jamini Roy Untitled (Pujarin)
Jamini Roy Blue Man standing in profile
Sadequain Blue Calligraphy
Sadequain Untitled (Fifteen heads)
Paresh Maity Carnival Venice
Paresh Maity Rain in London
Paresh Maity Song of Winter
Natvar Bhavsar PR-KAAR III
Natvar Bhavsar PR-KAAR II
Natvar Bhavsar PR-KAAR I 
Mohammad Omar Khalil
Rina Banerjee Made of sugary sin and sweet greed she was wide eyed and relentless when plenty of nectar and flower brought also a mood much too sour, unleashed her, her all that was bad in power
Rina Banerjee The tree flowered
Rina Banerjee Unthinkable skirt
Rina Banerjee Where I came from was water and salt and this is where I will go with bangles to tackle my human opponents and tangles of hair that snaked out of air her tongue and yours will know when to play with water, mountain and or air this no human laws shall come to rule
Ghulam Mohammad Hisaar (Siege)
Ghulam Mohammad Tasalsul (Carrying)
Saba Qizilbash  Kartarpur Footbridge
Saba Qizilbash The Grand Trunk Road – Kabul to Torkham